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Scientology News and Nonsense

“There could be few more bitter experiences than the desperate victim who accepts help and is then betrayed by the “benefactor.”

Imagine a 7-year-old girl who has been referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist for help with emotional problems related to incest. Suppose that the specialist then also sexually abuses the girl during “therapy.” What must be the emotional upheaval suffered by this tragic victim?

Such despicable treachery in the wake of an already serious personal crisis could only burden the victim with further emotional scars and instability.

It is also a damning criticism of those “professionals” entrusted with the task of helping people who are extremely fragile emotionally.”


These are the words of the International President of CCHR, Jan Eastgate. She’s talking about psychiatrists who sexually abuse patients. It seems she is not one who should be throwing stones.

jan eastgate

Today the blogosphere is buzzing over the news of Scientologist and international President of the ‘Citizens Commission on Human Rights’ Jan Eastgate’s arrest on charges of perverting the cause of justice by covering up the sexual abuse of a child. Eastgate is a very senior Scientologist.

Carmen Rainier was eleven years old when she reported being molested by her stepfather, a Scientologist. Both Carmen’s parents were Scientologists, so her mother reported it to a member of the organization. Instead of justice, Carmen was told that the abuse was her fault; she’d been very naughty in a past life.

Jan Eastgate was the head of CCHR Australia at the time she became involved. She instructed Carmen to lie to conceal the abuse. The child was told she’d be taken from her parents and subjected to psychiatric abuse, and she believed it.

There was a similar response from the Scientology organization in California, where a teenage girl was repeatedly raped by Gabriel Williams, a highly regarded Scientologist entrusted with her care. The head of the Scientology org in San Francisco, Jeff Quiros, also attempted to quash news of this issue.

Aside from sexual abuse, there are allegations that children within Scientology are worked long hours, denied an education, and forced to work under dangerous conditions. Ex-Scientologist Daniel Montalvo was a child when his parents joined the “church.” He was sent away and put to work. When working around printing machinery at Bridge Publications, he lost a finger. He is now suing for compensation, not only for his labor but for his stolen childhood.

Scientologists are already “sort of” defending Jan Eastgate by stating that the abuse occurred thirty years ago. Somehow, the passage of time is supposed to make it go away?

Justice delayed is not justice denied.


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Barbara Graham has been a falconer, karate instructor and a Vietnamese liguist in the Army. She is a hang glider pilot and instructor, has worked as a video game animator, motorcycle messenger and sportfishing boat cook; getting in hours of quality big-game fishing in between hamburgers. Following surgery for a torn rotator cuff, due in part to repetitive casting and hauling in big fish, she has turned to writing to pass the time until it heals well enough to take up and master paragliding. Her hobbies include motorcycling, deep sea fishing, and exposing the lies and fraud of the "church" of Scientology. She won the San Diego Book Award for 'best unpublished short story'in 2006.


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