Barbara Graham has been a falconer, karate instructor and a Vietnamese liguist in the Army. She is a hang glider pilot and instructor, has worked as a video game animator, motorcycle messenger and sportfishing boat cook; getting in hours of quality big-game fishing in between hamburgers. Following surgery for a torn rotator cuff, due in part to repetitive casting and hauling in big fish, she has turned to writing to pass the time until it heals well enough to take up and master paragliding. Her hobbies include motorcycling, deep sea fishing, and exposing the lies and fraud of the "church" of Scientology. She won the San Diego Book Award for 'best unpublished short story'in 2006.
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Toxic Activism

Yesterday, I went down to Mission Bay to participate in Occupy Mission Bay, a group of locals from a San Diego community who wish to establish a cell in Mission Bay to provide support and a gathering place for the beach community. I think local support cells is a great idea. It provides people with … Continue reading

Poisoning Veterans With Scientology Treatment Paid By Taxpayers

John Travolta is actively promoting another iteration of Scientology’s ‘Purification Rundown,’ a dangerous bit of unscientific quackery concocted by college dropout L. Ron Hubbard and some junkie who wrote him from prison. Clearly, there are no more qualified people to create a medical treatment for drug rehab and detoxification than a junkie and a cheesy … Continue reading

Scientology News and Nonsense

“There could be few more bitter experiences than the desperate victim who accepts help and is then betrayed by the “benefactor.” Imagine a 7-year-old girl who has been referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist for help with emotional problems related to incest. Suppose that the specialist then also sexually abuses the girl during “therapy.” What … Continue reading